Bounty Hunter

A bounty hunter is one from the three available classes in Epic Duel. Bounty hunter is known as the most balanced class in Epic Duel. Any bounty hunter is able to defend from physical and magical skills using Energy Shield and Reflex. A bounty hunter has passive, magic, and a few skills that increases physical damage.

The weaknesses of a bounty hunter is unable to do a big damage in one blow unless combined with Massacre(Lvl 10). A bounty hunter is also weak to mages unless that bounty hunter has a good technology or a good Energy Shield because a bounty hunter lacks resistance.

The strength of a bounty hunter is the skill Massacre, Viper Poison, and Multishot. A maximum Massacre level will increase the damage of a bounty by 140% which totals as 240% in the cost of 60 Mana. In other words if the bounty hunter is able to deal 30 average damage they can deal about 65 damage in one blow. A bounty hunter which has a full strength will be able to increase the power of Massacre by another 100% causing a 340% damage. The other strong skill which is Viper Poison does 70% of the total damage and poisons the enemy for 3 turns. A maximum viper level will cause 11 damage / turn for 3 turns which means 33 + 70% x Average Attack about 50 damage for 35 mana. Now for the most interesting skill Multishot. Multishot can deal a great AoE damage. With a full level a bounty hunter can deal 40 damage and with about a full dexterity a bounty can deal 60 AoE damage. Usually people combine Multishot with Bloodlust causing a great heal for the cost of only a Multishot (44).

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